Daddy, What Is Litigation?

My kid asked me what litigation was in the middle of dinner last night. I should have figured the question was coming. He’s been asking very specific questions about my wife’s line of work for three straight weeks, every night, something new.

We’ve been weathering it the best we can with short, succinct answers. We never want to bombard him with too much knowledge at once, since he needs time to process it. We also know we have no control over how long such phases of curiosity will continue, so we just ride it out.

I should have figured turning his attention to my job would be next. Her job was fascinating to him for a while, which she found very amusing, since she’s bored to tears at work, making the same biscuits at a restaurant all day long, six days a week.

I was not really sure how to answer at first. He’s so young, and I want him to believe I’m a good person. Well, I am, but at work, I can’t afford to be a good person, I have to be a good litigator. That means doing right by my clients, some of whom maybe get more than they deserve.


At The Airport

My wife doesn’t make many friends at the airport. She’s an employee of the county government that owns and operates the facility, but her specific job is tracking, recording, and investigating aviation accidents. The really high-profile stuff gets covered by the NTSB, but she focuses on everything else, from fatal crashes to near misses to even a dead duck that got run over on the tarmac, even though nothing happened to that plane.

People in the flight tower hate seeing her walk in because it means she has questions about negative incidents and really doesn’t talk about anything else. Several operators have lost their jobs because of her.

The county relies on this airport being safe and friendly to private jet owners in particular, so they can skip other facilities in the region. If they fly into this county, they’re more likely to golf, dine, and do business here, and luxury spending helps the local economy.

So, she does what she can to make this airport the safest one ever, even if it means noting down every little aviation accident, regardless of severity. The staff hate her, but the pilots love her.