My Experience With Accident Law Wasn’t Too Bad

When I wanted to work with accident law, I made sure that I knew what I was doing. It’s also the only time I’ve had to hire a lawyer, just because of how different the laws were for motorists where I was than where I was from. If you don’t get professional help from a lawyer, then you may as well just give the other party the money that they should be paying you. It’s hard to understand what law means what, but it’s pretty easy to hire someone else to help instead.

My lawyer told me that even though I thought this was partially my fault, that the other people involved and their insurance company was responsible. We worked on finding a few people to talk to that witnessed the accident, and they were willing to come testify which really helped me to get a better outcome. I didn’t let the other insurance company bother me and I didn’t let mine get away with barely paying anything. I eventually did get compensated for my time and injuries that came with the accident. The lawyer also helped me to get my vehicle fixed so I could get back on with life.

Always Be On The Lookout For Slip And Fall Accidents

I manage a kitchen in a retirement home that makes food for both the lounge area and the cafeteria where most of the residents eat several times a day. We hire from outside the property for a lot of our positions, but we also employ some residents of the facility too who like to stay active and be a part of their community. Because of that, we’re always on the lookout for slip and fall accidents.

We’re of course mindful of them for our younger workers, especially in the dish room. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. However, a young person can slip and fall and land just find on their back or just twist an ankle and be back in two days.

If one of the retirees were to do it, the consequences could be quite drastic. A broken hip is sometimes a death sentence for an older person, and gods forbid they hit their head on a steel counter or metal shelf corner.

We make sure they always have the right shoes on, stay out of the dishroom, and we lay down plastic webbed matting anywhere it’s wet or has a tripping hazard.