Learning My Way Around Key Business Law Topics

business law123For years, I toiled away in a series of increasingly lucrative, yet personally taxing employment roles, never quite achieving full career satisfaction. While I certainly learned a lot along the way, I knew I would never be truly happy unless I took the reigns and started my own enterprise. The risks were many, but the potential payoff was clearly massive.

Once I decided to put my initiative into action and launch my new business, it became clear that I needed some major professional guidance on structural, tax and personnel matters. Being a virtual novice in the entrepreneurial world, it seemed to me that there really was no substitute for seasoned legal counsel, but I was not entire sure where to turn.

After attending a local business owners’ group, I got the name of a couple of experienced business law attorneys and began making phone calls. In the end, I found the ideal counselor here in town who was able to provide me with precisely the guidance and insights I needed to get my operation up and running. Without my attorney’s invaluable advice, I am not at all certain my dream would have come to fruition and developed into the thriving concern it is today.

What’s Business Law Anyway?

I was recently asked what business law is. I was kind of expecting one of my kids to ask me that, but in fact it was my mother in law. My husband and I were taking his folks out to celebrate their anniversary, and my husband and his dad were chatting it up about sports while we were standing outside before leaving.

I was struggling to think of something to strike up conversation with my mother in law when she just blurted out that questions. She knows I’m a corporate attorney, but I think the corporate aspect confuses her. Now that she’s retired, she stays at home and watches a lot of Law and Order reruns.

I’m not even sure if she’s watching the original, SVU, or one of the others. All I know is that she thinks all lawyers are criminal or family lawyers, and apparently we live in courtrooms.

That’s certainly not the case for me as a business lawyer. As a matter of fact, I rarely set foot in courtrooms. There’s an occasional hearing on a matter, but I haven’t even been a part of a trial in quite some time, so it’s hard to explain to a retired school teacher.