When I wanted to work with accident law, I made sure that I knew what I was doing. It’s also the only time I’ve had to hire a lawyer, just because of how different the laws were for motorists where I was than where I was from. If you don’t get professional help from a lawyer, then you may as well just give the other party the money that they should be paying you. It’s hard to understand what law means what, but it’s pretty easy to hire someone else to help instead.

My lawyer told me that even though I thought this was partially my fault, that the other people involved and their insurance company was responsible. We worked on finding a few people to talk to that witnessed the accident, and they were willing to come testify which really helped me to get a better outcome. I didn’t let the other insurance company bother me and I didn’t let mine get away with barely paying anything. I eventually did get compensated for my time and injuries that came with the accident. The lawyer also helped me to get my vehicle fixed so I could get back on with life.

Always Be On The Lookout For Slip And Fall Accidents

I manage a kitchen in a retirement home that makes food for both the lounge area and the cafeteria where most of the residents eat several times a day. We hire from outside the property for a lot of our positions, but we also employ some residents of the facility too who like to stay active and be a part of their community. Because of that, we’re always on the lookout for slip and fall accidents.

We’re of course mindful of them for our younger workers, especially in the dish room. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. However, a young person can slip and fall and land just find on their back or just twist an ankle and be back in two days.

If one of the retirees were to do it, the consequences could be quite drastic. A broken hip is sometimes a death sentence for an older person, and gods forbid they hit their head on a steel counter or metal shelf corner.

We make sure they always have the right shoes on, stay out of the dishroom, and we lay down plastic webbed matting anywhere it’s wet or has a tripping hazard.

My kid asked me what litigation was in the middle of dinner last night. I should have figured the question was coming. He’s been asking very specific questions about my wife’s line of work for three straight weeks, every night, something new.

We’ve been weathering it the best we can with short, succinct answers. We never want to bombard him with too much knowledge at once, since he needs time to process it. We also know we have no control over how long such phases of curiosity will continue, so we just ride it out.

I should have figured turning his attention to my job would be next. Her job was fascinating to him for a while, which she found very amusing, since she’s bored to tears at work, making the same biscuits at a restaurant all day long, six days a week.

I was not really sure how to answer at first. He’s so young, and I want him to believe I’m a good person. Well, I am, but at work, I can’t afford to be a good person, I have to be a good litigator. That means doing right by my clients, some of whom maybe get more than they deserve.


At The Airport

My wife doesn’t make many friends at the airport. She’s an employee of the county government that owns and operates the facility, but her specific job is tracking, recording, and investigating aviation accidents. The really high-profile stuff gets covered by the NTSB, but she focuses on everything else, from fatal crashes to near misses to even a dead duck that got run over on the tarmac, even though nothing happened to that plane.

People in the flight tower hate seeing her walk in because it means she has questions about negative incidents and really doesn’t talk about anything else. Several operators have lost their jobs because of her.

The county relies on this airport being safe and friendly to private jet owners in particular, so they can skip other facilities in the region. If they fly into this county, they’re more likely to golf, dine, and do business here, and luxury spending helps the local economy.

So, she does what she can to make this airport the safest one ever, even if it means noting down every little aviation accident, regardless of severity. The staff hate her, but the pilots love her.

business law123For years, I toiled away in a series of increasingly lucrative, yet personally taxing employment roles, never quite achieving full career satisfaction. While I certainly learned a lot along the way, I knew I would never be truly happy unless I took the reigns and started my own enterprise. The risks were many, but the potential payoff was clearly massive.

Once I decided to put my initiative into action and launch my new business, it became clear that I needed some major professional guidance on structural, tax and personnel matters. Being a virtual novice in the entrepreneurial world, it seemed to me that there really was no substitute for seasoned legal counsel, but I was not entire sure where to turn.

After attending a local business owners’ group, I got the name of a couple of experienced business law attorneys and began making phone calls. In the end, I found the ideal counselor here in town who was able to provide me with precisely the guidance and insights I needed to get my operation up and running. Without my attorney’s invaluable advice, I am not at all certain my dream would have come to fruition and developed into the thriving concern it is today.

What’s Business Law Anyway?

I was recently asked what business law is. I was kind of expecting one of my kids to ask me that, but in fact it was my mother in law. My husband and I were taking his folks out to celebrate their anniversary, and my husband and his dad were chatting it up about sports while we were standing outside before leaving.

I was struggling to think of something to strike up conversation with my mother in law when she just blurted out that questions. She knows I’m a corporate attorney, but I think the corporate aspect confuses her. Now that she’s retired, she stays at home and watches a lot of Law and Order reruns.

I’m not even sure if she’s watching the original, SVU, or one of the others. All I know is that she thinks all lawyers are criminal or family lawyers, and apparently we live in courtrooms.

That’s certainly not the case for me as a business lawyer. As a matter of fact, I rarely set foot in courtrooms. There’s an occasional hearing on a matter, but I haven’t even been a part of a trial in quite some time, so it’s hard to explain to a retired school teacher.


grounds for divorce


The grounds for divorce are the rules and regulations that govern and specify the circumstances that warrant marriage termination. The following are are general guidelines, and your specific case should be discussed with a divorce lawyer. Long Beach CA is one area with very specific divorce laws.

Laws have been enacted to guide spouses on how they can file for divorce. Legally, seven grounds can be used in a divorce case. The judgment will include orders about custody, visitation, marital debts and marital property, child support and spousal support. Irretrievable breakdown.

A marriage is annulled where the relationship between the two spouses has been strained irretrievably for not less than six months. The condition is only applicable to those who had filed for divorce cases after October 12, 2010.

Inhumane treatment

Anyone who is a victim of cruel and inhumane treatment by their spouse can file for divorce. Cruel treatment means that the mental and physical health is at risk if the two parties continue living together. Where the abusive treatment is said to occur more than five years ago, divorce is not automatic, and the other spouse has a right to object.


Legally, one can only initiate marriage termination process if he or she is abandoned for one year. In this case, the spouse has either left you, kicked you out or has no intention of returning.


One can terminate marriage where the husband is jailed for not less than three years. However, marriage cannot be terminated if the said spouse was released over five years ago.


Adultery is the reason behind the escalating divorce cases. One initiates the proceedings when there is tangible evidence that the other spouse is cheating. However, if you do any of these, then adultery cannot be used as the reason for divorce: forgive the cheating spouse and consequently have sexual relations with him or her, encourage the spouse to commit adultery, or you commit adultery. Divorce will only be granted before the lapse of 5 years’ period after infidelity discovery. To prove adultery, one must not use his word against that of the other spouse but have a competent witness.

Judgment of Separation

A sense of separation or decree of separation given by the court, barring the parties to the case from living together for not less than one year. One is required to obey all the decrees and conditions set out in the judgment. An order of separation is rare as the standard of proof is similar to that of a divorce case. Most people, therefore, skip it and file directly for divorce.

Separation Agreement

The two spouses make a written agreement barring them from living together for one year or more. The two spouses then sign the agreement before a notary. One is required to abide by all conditions set out in the agreement.
Divorce cases consume a lot of time and resources. The parties should, therefore, work on a formula to resolve their differences without necessarily going to court. This may include agreeing on property division, debt settlement, and other obligations. Where one spouse is abusive and hostile, seek assistance from a domestic violence advocate.

People often get in trouble with the law and require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their rights. In Bloomington, IL, criminal defense attorneys protect the rights of their clients the moment they are contacted. It is quite important to choose the right lawyer with relevant experience and expertise. There are many law firms in Bloomington where it is easy to find some of the best law firm’s in the field of criminal laws.

Handcuffs used to arrest a Bloomington man

Reasons to Contact Bloomington Criminal Defense Attorney

There are different ways how a criminal defense attorney in Bloomington can help you and some of the most important ways include the following.

Negotiations: The services of a skilled and experienced lawyer are quite essential to file relevant information and facts and present it accordingly in a criminal case during a trial. Nevertheless, some of the defendants seldom need to go to trials as the case is resolved due to a plea bargain. Lack of evidence can also lead to such situations. A well experienced criminal defense lawyer can negotiate the case and reduce the jail term and fine charges. There are incidents where cases are handled and solved before the trial date with the help of an expert attorney.

Quick action: The judicial procedure is time-consuming when a person is arrested and charged with a criminal case. Without the help of an experienced and expert criminal defense law firm, the case of the defendant can take many days or months for it to be tried in the courtroom. The defendants will be jailed till the day of trial. However, all these inconveniences can be avoided easily by contacting a Bloomington criminal defense attorney immediately without wasting a second. The lawyer will move the case immediately and even release the defendant from jail before the beginning of the trial on bond and securities.

There are many criminal cases which can be charged by the officers on the defendants. Drinking under Influence is one of the most common criminal cases registered against people for driving under the influence of alcohol. Driver’s license is automatically suspended during such incidents. The case of the prosecution can be deemed as illogical and irrelevant by a professional and experienced criminal defense attorney.

There are many available and expert criminal defense attorneys in Bloomington. Moreover, there are law firms that charge no initial fees for consultation purposes which can prove to be quite beneficial to the defendants. Most of the Bloomington criminal defense attorneys are accessible 24/7 and committed to their profession.

Divorce is something that no couples want to think about, but many will ultimately have to go through. Though a lot of divorces are relatively amicable, in some cases it may be in the best interest of both parties to hire a Las Vegas divorce lawyer. Divorces are often more complicated than they appear on the surface, especially when questions of child visitation and jointly-owned property are at stake.

Las Vegas Divorce decree

Even if you are still friendly with your ex-spouse and do not expect a lengthy court battle, you can probably benefit from the expert advice of a divorce attorney in the following ways:

Getting Advice from an Expert

Chances are good that you do not know all the laws related to divorce in your jurisdiction or what each party is legally due in the split. A divorce lawyer can ensure that you know what to ask for and that you get your fair share of the settlement. Furthermore, an attorney can help answer any questions that may crop up during the course of the divorce, especially related to issues that you may not have even considered when you first began the proceedings.

Experience Less Stress

Divorce is a stressful process for both partners, which is why it is often better to delegate tasks to an attorney rather than doing it alone. This frees up both partners to take care of other tasks related to the separation such as finding new housing and preparing children for the changes to come. In general, an attorney will need to gather some initial information from you, but after that, he or she can handle almost all the legal matters without your input.

Avoid Mistakes

Divorce is complicated and mistakes can happen for a myriad of reasons. Even a relatively small error such as a wrong estimation of the value of an asset or forgetting about a shared debt can cause legal trouble down the line. An attorney helps ensure that mistakes are caught and fixed early and you don’t forget anything important. In the event that a major problem does surface, an attorney can often get things on track much more quickly than you ever could alone.

Reduce Waiting and Delays

Attorneys have plenty of experience with the documents related to divorce. While those going through the process for the first time may make errors or forget to file important documents, a Las Vegas divorce attorney can help streamline the divorce process by ensuring that all papers proceed through the court system in a timely manner.

Get Documents that are Clear and Binding

Many documents related to divorce proceedings are contracts, and as such they need to be unambiguous and able to hold up in court. If you are not conversant with the language and conventions of these types of documents, you may find yourself writing many drafts before you come up with something acceptable. A divorce attorney can draft documents that are accurate and easy for the court to enforce.

If you are getting a divorce, contact a divorce attorney for a consultation to see if you will need their services.

Family matters can become complex and handling such cases without a family lawyer by your side can be troublesome. Selecting the right lawyer who understands the family laws of the state can save you from various conflicts and problems. However, choosing the right family lawyer takes hard work, but it’s worth the time and effort. Here are handy tips to help you:

Best Family Lawyer Selection Tips

1. Check the qualifications

This is actually the basic consideration and can be essential to successful handling of your family case. There are a few credible sources which can provide you with this kind of information, as well as legal counseling, they include:

Certified lawyer referral services

Once you contact a lawyer referral service, you’ll be connected to a lawyer who specializes in your cases. In many occasions, you will be allowed to talk with the lawyer for the first 30 minutes for free. You can find these services in the yellow pages under the Attorney Referral Services.

Personal referrals

Talk to your friends, neighbors, or coworkers who have experienced the same problem you face. Alternatively, you can consult another lawyer you know who lives across the street; such lawyers can refer you to other lawyers who have the best reputations and are trustworthy.

State bar associations

This is also a good option to identify the names of lawyers who have specialized in your case and, besides, you will get to know if the lawyers have been the subject of unethical complaints.

2. Create a shortlist

Having completed your researched, you should be able to make a comprehensive list of 3-5 lawyers you would like to know more about. Be sure to make a quick list of each one’s pros and cons, as well as the specific questions you might have for them.

3. Interview the prospective lawyers

All you efforts and time in getting the names of several good prospects is no substitute for meeting the potential lawyer to talk to each personally. Well, this is the right time to confirm their experience and specialization within family law. Feel free to ask them about the type of client they typically represent and their rates.

Most family lawyers charge an hourly fee and usually ask for a certain amount in advance (a retainer). Some may also negotiate fees on the basis of anticipated settlements. If the lawyer is out of your cost range, be sure not to waste your time on a meeting. Most lawyers also provide free consultation to discuss your needs in advance and inform you about their legal approach.

4. Make your choice

Choose the lawyer you trust and feel comfortable working with and, besides, he or she should be knowledgeable, responsive and have excellent communication skills. Remember that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with the lawyer, so you have to ensure the outcome will have a significant impact on your life.

Following the above these tips will surely help you find the right family lawyer who listens to what you want; one who is available when you need him or her to answer any of your questions and also advises you well.